What our customers are saying

"Incredible attention to details and doing the job perfectly, the end was perfect."

-Bruce W.

"They do a good quality job at a good price. Good quality workmanship, and they are on time."

-Jason B.

“Professionalism, he is there when he says he will be, and the estimates are very clear and spelled out line by line. There are no questions about what the charges are.”

-Jeff F.

"I would recommend him and have recommended him. He listens to your ideas, and he is proactive. If there is something that is unforeseen, he discusses it before he does anything. He is a good communicator. He works well with you, and he is flexible if you change your mind about things. He has a great disposition. He is on time, efficient, and knowledgeable."

-Richard C.

"Peter is the only one we use. He does a really great job. What we like the most is that he is always on time. He always has time to meet with us. He is always super clean. When we leave him in our house, we know that it will be clean when we come back. I'm a neat freak. He has done several jobs for us, and every time he's been super clean. He is amazing, in addition to the very good job he does. I've never used a contractor like him."

-Olga M.

"He is very reliable, and he shows up when he says he will show up, which is a good thing. I feel like he is very honest with me, and he is very helpful."

-Jennifer C.

"His quality and honesty, we bought a shower pan, and he explained that it was too flimsy and wouldn't hold up. We returned it and got another one. We appreciated that, because we wouldn't have known the difference."


"Their communication about what was going on and what needed to be done, their flexibility, the suggestions they made, and their craftsmanship."

-Richard C.

"He's very precise. He communicates well. He keeps you in the loop and gives really good advice. You get the feeling it is a real team effort."

-Mark L.
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