What We Do

Balla Construction & Design is a general contracting company specializing in residential remodeling and home improvement, as well as architectural design for smaller projects.

Balla Construction & Design provides you the following services:

Planning and architectural design

We can provide architectural design and drawings for smaller projects (ie: addition, remodeling). And with the help of our long term partners we can take on major projects, such as story additions or new homes, as well. With any project, we can assist you in the planning phase, and try to make sure you stay within your budget.

Structural Work

Our crew is capable of doing remodeling, additions, and alterations without subcontracting any portion of the work. We can size and build multiple structures, including walls, beams, headers, ceilings and roofs.

Seismic upgrade and foundation replacement

We work closely together with our engineering partners to get the best and most cost effective solution for your seismic retrofit or foundation project.

Door and window replacements

Whether it is a specific brand, or custom doors or windows, we can help you find and install the perfect design for your home. Brands that we work with include Simonton, Millguard, Marvin, Andersen, LBL, Bonelli, T.M. Cobb, Simpson and Stanley.


Siding and any kind of exterior sheeting

The exterior wall coverings and trims make the overall look of your building. We can match any kind of exterior, historical, or old siding, for the most convenient price for you.

Bathroom remodeling

We do mid-range to high-end remodeling for the bathroom in your home. We can connect you with domestic and foreign manufacturers to give you the freedom to choose from a wide variety of tubs, showers, vanities, and vanity tops. We can also assist you in selecting the perfect tiles for your bathroom and provide an excellent tiling job.

Kitchen remodeling

We can help you bring atmosphere, style, and a practical setup to the kitchen in your home. We will assist you in every step of the remodeling process, including choosing the best appliances, fixtures, and countertops. Our partners can provide custom or brand name cabinets, according to your needs. Custom veneering or exotic wood surfaces are also available.

Deck and exterior stair building

The deck is an expansion of your interior living space. We can help you build a relaxing and stylish outdoor deck of any size. Ask us about using environmentally friendly materials in the construction process.

Basement alterations

Dry rot repair

If you see any sign of dry rot, you have to get it fixed it right away. It is hard to tell how deep the destruction is under the surface, but we can help you find and restore the damage.

Historic building restoration

Let us help you repair any beamed, coffered, or paneled ceiling rooms, contemporary structures, and exterior ornaments.

New construction